Hacking J-Bird (Version 0.5.2): Arbitrary access to J-Bird database

WARNING: Use of arbitrary SQL commands to modify the J-Bird database makes it very easy to wreck your database. Always backup databases before modifying them.

Graphical front-ends

A variety of front-end software packages provide direct access to Java JDBC databases using SQL queries. I have little experience with these and no preference for one over others. Good sources for locating front-end software are http://sourceforge.net/ and http://www.freshmeat.net/.

The Mckoi database driver that is included with J-Bird has it's own interface for submitting arbitrary queries to databases. To run it, change into the directory where J-Bird is installed and run the command.

	java com.mckoi.tools.JDBCQueryTool -url "jdbc:mckoi:local://./mckoidb.conf" -u jbird -p chirp
Alternatively, if you have downloaded the source code to J-Bird, compiled it and if you run J-Bird from the source directory using ant, you can run the Mckoi database interface by running the command
	ant run-mckoidb

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