Hacking J-Bird (Version 0.5.2): Source Code from CVS

Source code via CVS

You can browse the J-Bird source code on the web at http://jbird.cvs.sourceforge.net/j-bird/ Source code can be downloaded in two ways: using CVS directly or by using jakarta-ant. Briefly, both ways require that you install CVS on your system to download source code and jakarta-ant to compile it. Details are on using CVS directly are available at README.CVS. This section documents how to use jakarta-ant to download J-Bird source code. It does not cover installation of CVS or jakarta-ant.

Before downloading, you'll need to decide which version of J-Bird to download. There are two choices: the latest released version of J-Bird and a snapshot of the code as it currently exists under development. The latest release will have all features that are advertised in the documentation, and it should compile without difficulty. The snapshot of what's under development will contain features that have been added since the last release. Those feature probably won't be documented, and the code may not compile without error, despite efforts to minimize bugs and errors in code that is committed to the source tree.

Installing source code.

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