J-Bird User's Guide (Version 0.5.2)

Counting species ticks

Region x Observer table J-Bird can categorize observations and count them. For example, species can be counted for each observer within each region. Results are displayed in tables like that shown to the right. Rows and columns in summary tables can be: region of observation, locality, observer, year of observation, year and month of observation, month of observation and exact date of observation. Counts can be restricted to certain observers, regions, months or to a range of dates.

Tables can be saved as files of comma-separated values (CSV) or as web documents (HTML). Use the File menu on the table window to save a table.

Table columns can be resized and rearranged. To change the size of a column, move the mouse to the separator between two column headers (e.g., the vertical bar between the words Gladys and Mort in the image above), hold down the mouse button, and move the separator in the direction that you wish. To change the location of a column move the mouse into the column's header, hold down the mouse button and move the column to where you would like it to be, and release the mouse button.

Table rows can be sorted according to values in a column. To sort, right-click (ctrl-click on Mac OS X) in the header of the column to be used in the sort, and select the order in which rows will be sorted.

count ticks task screen To count species ticks, select "count species ticks" from the task chooser at the upper left-hand portion of J-Bird's main window. The main window will reconfigure itself to look like the screen shot to the right. The window contains two choosers for selecting which categories are to displayed in the rows and columns of the table. Below the choosers, components are available for restricting the observations to be counted. A series of tabs is used to restrict the set of observations that will be counted. To see the counts, click the "GO!" button, and a table will appear.

In the example to the right, a table will created that contains counts of ticks that have been made during the period March through May of any year for each observer in each region. The range of months was selected by clicking on March and then holding down the shift key while clicking on May.

If you think that J-Bird should have done something in response to your request but did not seem to do so, check the log for messages. If the log is not visible, use the Windows menu to make it visible.

A copy of the log is stored in a file called jbird.log in the J-Bird home directory.

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Last updated 15 February 2005