J-Bird User's Guide (Version 0.5.2)


J-Bird uses a log window to keep you informed of what it is doing. For example, entries are made into the log to indicate which region, trip, observers and species have been selected. Entries are made for ticks, region ticks, life ticks as well as for unticking of species.

Errors are also reported in the log. Some errors produce pop-up windows, and some of those pop-ups can be suppressed by editing the options to suppress pop-ups. Critical errors always produce pop-ups. If you think that J-Bird should have done something in response to your request but did not seem to do so, check the log for messages.

The log window can be made visible and invisible using the View menu.

A copy of the log is stored in a file called jbird.log in the J-Bird data directory.

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Last updated 15 June 2006